Afghan diplomat in Turkey rejects Amnesty's report

Amnesty International’s claims 'does not reflect reality,' says Afghan consul general

Afghan diplomat in Turkey rejects Amnesty's report

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Afghan consul general in Istanbul on Thursday dismissed the Amnesty International's claims that Afghan migrants are mistreated by Turkish police.

Zakaria Barakzai said the Amnesty International's report "does not reflect the reality."

He said the Afghan migrants that illegally enter Turkey sign the deportation documents in English and Dari languages under the supervision of Afghan diplomats.

"The claims of Afghan migrants forcibly being deported does not reflect the reality," Barakzai added.

He said the increasing number of Afghan migrants crossing into Turkey in the recent days is because of Iran, which he said “encouraged” them. 

Barakzai said in the last three months 27,000 Afghan migrants have crossed into Turkey from Iran border, according to the official numbers. 

"Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran must cooperate in combatting human trafficking. Iran has an exceptional importance because it is located between the two countries," he added.

Noting that they received the deportation documents of 1,500 Afghan refugees in the last three weeks, Barakzai said: "The human traffickers are deceiving the youth by using the country's war, unemployment […] as tools. My advice to my people is to not believe the human traffickers."

The civil society organizations are jointly working with Turkey and Afghanistan in transferring humanitarian aid to the migrants returning back to their countries, he said.

"Our Consulate-General in coordination with the Afghanistan Migration Ministry and Turkey's Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) are working together in supplying airplane ticket for the returnees, as well as monetary and clothing aid for the migrants."

He also criticized the United Nations for “acting slowly” in combating refugee crisis. "I hope the UN takes immediate steps for the Afghans who want to return to their countries from Turkey."


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