Armed cash machine robbers caught in Turkish capital

Police capture 2 gunmen who escaped with $113,000 after ambushing security guards transferring cash to ATM 

Armed cash machine robbers caught in Turkish capital

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Police caught two armed robbers in capital Ankara on Thursday who had escaped with 400,000 Turkish liras ($113,000) last month. 

The Ankara Police caught the robbers who had ambushed security guards, while they were transferring cash to an ATM in the OSTIM industrial area of Yenimahalle district on Aug. 9.

The robbers had held pump-action shotguns to the heads of security guards and handcuffed them, before they escaped on foot.

The search for the missing robbers began with the police reviewing records from security cameras at ATM machines and banks across the area.

Later, an unlicensed motorcycle used by the robbers to escape was tracked down.

Further investigation raised suspicion over the involvement of the security guards.

As part of the investigation, the close family circle of the security guards were carefully reviewed.

It was revealed that one of the security guards, identified only by the initials F.D., had a close family member with the initials E.D., who also had a motorcycle similar to the one used in the robbery.

A raid at E.D.'s residence recovered the motorcycle used in the robbery, and 29,700 Turkish liras ($8,600).

Another suspect with the initials E.T., from the neighborhood of the robbers was found to be involved in the crime.

F.D., E.D. and E.T. have been arrested following a court order.

E.T. confessed in police custody that the group communicated with each other through an online video game.


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