Badly burnt Syrian child awaits help for treatment

Around 15 months ago, six-year-old Moussa received 3rd degree burns after fire broke out in his tent in Syrian town of Azaz

Badly burnt Syrian child awaits help for treatment

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A fire that broke out at a tent in Syrian northwestern town of Azaz changed the life of the six-year-old Moussa as he received serious burn injuries.

Around 15 months ago, the family of the Syrian boy fled the then Daesh-controlled Raqqa region to seek refuge in Aleppo’s Azaz town, which is under the control of the opposition groups.

Shortly after the family settled down, a fire broke out at their tent which left Moussa with critical burn injuries.

Moussa was not able to receive treatment due to financial issues and inadequate facilities at the hospitals in the region.

Moussa's father, Abu Fahid, who earns his living from livestock, is awaiting for a helping hand for his son’s treatment.

Abu Fahid said Moussa is on a liquid diet as he is unable to consume solid.

"We managed to save the life of Moussa. But, he has not been able to breathe properly ever since. He needs treatment. He cannot eat and is in constant pain," he said.

Noting that they have visited several hospitals inside Syria for Moussa's treatment, Abu Fahid called on Turkey for the help.

Halil Ayyat, a volunteering Syrian doctor in the international charity Doctors Worldwide Turkey, declared the condition of Moussa “critical.”

Ayyat said that the child has third degree burns which cover large parts of his body.

"Moussa faces difficulties in eating food, he can be fed with liquids. He cannot hear, he has severe burns in the abdominal and groin areas, he has also problems in the sensory organs, he is facing breathing problems," he said.

Ayyat said an urgent is needed to provide relief to the boy.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 08 Temmuz 2018, 10:24