Erdogan says peace in Asia ‘crucial’ for whole world

Sustaining peace and development in Asia is of great importance for whole world, says Turkish president

Erdogan says peace in Asia ‘crucial’ for whole world

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday underlined the importance of the continuation of peace and development in Asia, as well as ensuring economic and social unity among the countries in the region.

In a written message sent to the 11th plenary session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) held in Istanbul - where Anadolu Agency is the official host photographer -- Erdogan termed Asia as a “region of opportunities” with its dynamic population, rich culture, and history. 

“Sustaining peace and development and ensuring economic and social unity among the countries of the region are of great importance for the whole world,” he said.  

Speaking at the event, Turkish Parliament Speaker Binali Yildirim said the biggest problems to humanity are terror, violence, wars, migration, poverty, and diseases.  

“The ongoing conflicts have no benefit to our region and humanity,” Yildirim said.  

“There is a need to eliminate the existing problems [and] to contribute to our governments to resolve disputes and problems by using parliamentary diplomacy effectively,” he added. 

The main goal of the APA is to discuss the chances of remaking Asia the center of civilization, he said.  

“If we want, we can remake Asia the attraction center of the world and hope of humanity,” Yildirim noted.  

“A joint struggle against terrorism, in a sincere way, should be the common goal of the countries in Asian continent regardless of religion, language and belief and without making any distinction between good and bad terrorist,” he added.