Erdogan warns against economic manipulation in Turkey

Turkish president urges use of the local currency in the country, saying Turkish lira will prevail

Erdogan warns against economic manipulation in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that there is no crisis in Turkey, and all happening in the country was manipulation.

Speaking at Veterans Day ceremony at Bestepe People's Convention and Culture Center, Erdogan urged the use of the local currency for rental payments and said, "otherwise, they will pay the price."

"There is no crisis, do not bothered by these [allegations]. It is all manipulation... Turkish lira will prevail in this country from now on... This is Turkey not America."

Last Thursday, Erdogan signed a decree that requires using the lira for buying, selling and renting of real estate and leasing of vehicles, according to presidential sources.

Erdogan also thanked the Turkish veterans "who have risked their lives by fighting for the future of their county."

"It is with honor I remember all our ancestors who, when needed, shed blood and tears on our soil for the integrity of our nation, the future of our country, and to defend our state for a thousand years," Erdogan said.

Recalling the July 15 coup attempt in 2016, Erdogan said it was the last example of the honoroble stance of the Turkish nation in the face of heinous terrorist attacks.

FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016, which left 251 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

In a message on Twitter, Vice President Fuat Oktay said the Turkish veterans' determination in Dardanelles war in 1915, Sakarya Battle in 1921, coup attempt in 2016 and ongoing counter-terrorism operations inside and outside of Turkey "showed whole world the importance of fighting for your country and flag by shielding your own body."

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