Factory head gets 13 years for exploiting state secrets

Court sentences former arms factory manager for trying to sell Turkish gun designs to US company

Factory head gets 13 years for exploiting state secrets

World Bulletin / News Desk

A Turkish state weapons factory director was sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison Thursday for trying to sell Turkish weapons designs to a U.S. company.

Mustafa Tanriverdi, who headed a small arms weapon factory for Turkey's state Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution, was found guilty of trying to sell design and production plans for an MP-5 sub-machine gun for $70,000 and a MPT-76 national infantry rifle for $300,000 to an official working for a U.S. firm.

Ankara’s 4th Criminal Court of First Instance handed down a prison sentence of 12 years and eight months following Tanriverdi’s arrest this April on charges of exploiting state secrets and disloyalty to state services.

The MPT-76, using the Turkish acronym for "national infantry rifle," is designed and produced by the government-owned Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation or MKEK.

The project phase of Turkey’s first indigenous infantry service rifle was finalized in May 2014 after the MPT-76 successfully completed over 50 test rounds.

With the production of new high-quality rifles, Turkey aims to reduce its dependence on foreign weapon manufacturers, which currently restrict MKEK from making even small improvements to their products without first getting their consent.

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