FM Cavusoglu explains Turkey's objectives in Syria

Turkish foreign minister penned an article for British daily The Telegraph

FM Cavusoglu explains Turkey's objectives in Syria

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Turkey is trying hard to achieve three objectives in Syria, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

“First, it is leading efforts to alleviate the humanitarian suffering,” he said in an article published by the British daily The Telegraph.

In the article titled “Time to bust the myths about Turkey. Europe couldn't do without us”, Cavusoglu wrote that “the number of Syrian refugees exceeds 5.5 million (or five Birminghams) and most have taken shelter in Turkey.”

“We have become the number one per capita spender on humanitarian assistance in the entire world.”

“Second, we are taking the initiative to deny terrorist entities any room in Syria. Turkey is using force against both the Kurdish PKK/YPJ [YPG's female unit] and Daesh, and is taking the utmost care not to harm civilians.

“We will continue to expose the dark propaganda that aims to mislead public opinion about Turkey’s role in Syria. We have also exposed collusion among terror networks, such as how PKK/YPG terrorists are purporting to fight Daesh while allowing them to roam freely.”

The Turkish foreign minister said the third objective was to promote a political solution in war-torn Syria.

“From the Astana talks to the Sochi congress, Turkey has been on the side of ultimately engendering a political solution to the Syrian quagmire at the UN-led Geneva talks, based on Syria’s territorial integrity and reflecting the will of the Syrian people,” Cavusoglu said.

“Operation Olive Branch, launched by Turkey, while protecting our citizens, aims to clear the road to peace by taking action against the threat to Syria’s territorial integrity posed by terrorist entities. Fighting Daesh must not mean that we do not fight the other terrorists. We ask the U.S. and others to stop arming the PKK/YPG.”


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