Istanbul's Iconic Camlica Mosque

At the highest point of Istanbul with seven hills, Camlica Mosque project, where the life is on the Hill, comes to the end.

Istanbul's Iconic Camlica Mosque

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There is a wait for Istanbul’s people to open a worship work in a huge work that works continuously. It continues to work in accordance with the history program for the opening of the gigantic work that will be one of Istanbul’s iconic projects. The date given for the opening of the Camlica Mosque project, which was based on the hypocrisy of 3.5 years ago, was planned as the end of the year.

Camlica Mosque, which can be easily seen from every corner of the city, is built on the top of the 57 thousand 500 square meters area at the top. With the Ottoman-Seljuk architectural style, 80 percent of the works completed at the beginning of each phase by Bahar Mizrak and Hayriye Gul Totu, who have met with contemporary lines and won architectural drawings with competition, have been completed. With the Camlıca Mosque’s service, it is certain to be one of the new symbols of the megacity.

It was noted that while the main dome of the main dome was completed, the main dome-bearing arches and chameleon floors continued to work, while the courtyard area was covered with granite floors.

The three minarets of the Camlica Mosque, which is built as 6 minarets representing the conditions of faith, are 107.1 meters in height and 90 meters in height with two honorable minarets, dedicated to the Malazgirt Victory.

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