Kurdish man attacked and killed in eastern Turkey

The victim is said to be a member of Islamist Kurdish Free Cause Party

Kurdish man attacked and killed in eastern Turkey

A Kurdish man was attacked and killed in the eastern province of Bingol, health officials said Wednesday.

The victim, Fethi Yalcin, aged 35, was leaving his home in the Karliova district of the province in the early hours on Wednesday, when the armed attack took place. 

Yalcin, said to be a member of Kurdish Islamist Free Cause Party, was critically injured in the attack and died at the district hospital where he was taken for immediate treatment. 

The victim was married with four children. The police have launched an investigation to find the attackers. 

The attack came two days after another member of that political party, Cengiz Tiryaki, lost his life following an armed assault in the Karliova district during the illegal demonstrations that took place across Turkey in early October.

The violent demonstrations were protests against the Turkish government's "alleged" failure to support fighters in Kurdish majority Syrian town of Kobani. The protests left at least 36 people dead, most of whom were killed in fighting between supporters of the outlawed PKK and Kurdish Islamist Free Cause Party members. 

Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, has become a scene of fierce clashes between ISIL and Kurdish groups since mid-September. 



Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Ekim 2014, 13:34

Muhammed Öylek