MHP head urges Germany to recognize FETO as terrorist

Devlet Bahceli says traitors, assassins cannot be fought in Europe if a terrorist organization is called 'Gulen Movement'

MHP head urges Germany to recognize FETO as terrorist

Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader on Tuesday called on Germany to recognize what they call the "Gulen Movement" as a terrorist organization.

"As long as FETO [Fetullah Terrorist Organization] is called the Gulen Movement [in Germany], how could these traitors and assassins in Europe be fought against," said Devlet Bahceli during his party's parliamentary group session.

Bahceli said Germany has been misjudging the defeated coup of July 15, 2016.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that Germany needed more information and evidence about the group to categorize it as a terrorist organization, just as it did for the PKK terrorist group. 

"If Germany respects to Turkey's sovereignty rights, it should recognize FETO as terrorist organization, a villainous organization that is even worse than PKK," said Bahceli.

Source: AA