Once again, terrorist PKK proves itself baby-killer

Tuesday PKK bombing in southeastern Turkey targeted car carrying civilians, and killed both mother and infant

Once again, terrorist PKK proves itself baby-killer

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The latest PKK terror attack in southeastern Turkey once again confirms that the terrorist group is a baby-killer, the head of a Turkish guards’ group said on Wednesday.

“This treasonous organization, which in the past has slaughtered hundreds of babies, with this incident once again earned its title of baby-killer,” said a statement by Ziya Sozen, chairman of the Anatolia Village Guards and Martyrs’ Families Confederation.

Sozen’s statement offered condolences for Tuesday’s deadly PKK terror attack targeting civilians in the southeastern Hakkari province, which took the life of a Turkish soldier’s wife and baby when a car carrying them passed through the Yuksekova district.

“Those trying to paint the terror group PKK -- which for years has killed thousands of civilians and defenseless citizens regardless of whether they were babies or woman, young or old -- as ‘pleasant’ or ‘innocent’ should know that you also share and contributed to this incident,” Sozen said.

Tuesday’s attack once again proved the PKK to be a pack of traitors, lowlifes, and cowards, Sozen added, saying it lacks the courage to openly face Turkish security forces.

Sozen blasted the “blind evil” of those who stay silent in face of the killing of a mother and her baby.

He also urged that PKK attacks be firmly condemned, saying people should “break your ties with the PKK terrorist group, which is a structure of traitors, turncoats, and cowards; condemn and curse it.”

He added: “Cut your ties with this political party, a dirty structure, which is in the PKK’s pocket,” but named no party.

However, the Turkish government has argued that the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is linked to the PKK terror group, and several of its members have faced charges or convictions on terror-related charges.


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