Over 400 undocumented migrants held in Turkey

Turkey has served as main route for refugees trying to cross into Europe

Over 400 undocumented migrants held in Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

Security forces held 403 undocumented migrants across Turkey, officials said Wednesday.

In the Aegean Izmir province, a total of 263 undocumented migrants were held, according to a security source who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

Coast guard teams found 103 undocumented migrants off the coasts of the Dikili district, another security source said who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Syrian migrants -- including women and children -- were among those on the boat. In the Cesme district, 59 undocumented Syrian migrants were held by coast guards.

In the Karaburun district, 101 undocumented Syrian migrants were held.

Additionally four people suspected of human smuggling were arrested.

In a separate operation in the eastern province of Van, another 125 undocumented migrants, who illegally crossed into Turkey, were rounded up.

While 37 Afghan natıonals, nine Iraqi, five Pakistani, one Iranian and one Syrian were held in the Caldiran district of Van, another 58 Afghan nationals were held in the Tusba district as well as 14 Afghans in the Baskale district.

One person suspected of human smuggling was arrested.

Another 15 undocumented migrants were held in the northwestern Kirklareli province's Babaeski district, according to a security source.

Turkey has been a main route for refugees trying to cross into Europe, especially since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.

Among migrants held in 2017 in Turkey, the majority came from Pakistan -- around 15,000 -- followed by Afghans at around 12,000. Syrians totalled about 10,000.

There has been a 60 percent increase in migrant flow since 2016. The number was 31,000 in 2016.


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