'Reset' of Turkey-EU ties possible: Presidential aide

Justice, equality, trust and respect are prerequisites for ‘new climate’ in relations with European Union: Ibrahim Kalin

'Reset' of Turkey-EU ties possible: Presidential aide

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Double standards and political maneuvering must be replaced by justice, equality, trust and respect for a “reset” in Turkey-EU relations, presidential aide Ibrahim Kalin wrote on Tuesday.

Kalin, who is also President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman, expressed his views in a column penned for Turkey's Daily Sabah newspaper, headlined “Turkey-EU relations: Is a reset possible?”  

“The values of justice, equality, trust and respect rather than double standards and political maneuvering are essential for creating a new climate within which a reset of Turkey-EU relations can be possible,” he wrote.

He emphasized that problems between Turkey and EU had affected relations between Muslim and Western societies “at a time of global crises, disruptive nativism, unchecked racism and growing despair around the world”.

“It is impossible to promote world peace and sustain a culture of respect and co-existence globally without Islamic and Western worlds coming together to manage their differences and work for the common good of humanity,” he said.

Kalin said Turkey wants a more “constructive approach” while European populists targeted Turkish culture, elected leader and state interests, reminding Erdogan’s message of “Let’s open a new page in our relations”.

He pointed the rise of the far-right in Europe as a barrier to revival of Turkey-EU relations.

Kalin also noted Turkey’s EU membership was a “strategic goal” in terms of political, economic and security reasons.

Turkey refuses to accept double standards, threats and outright hostility despite its significant role for Europe’s security, he said.

“This holds true for the Turkey-EU migration deal and the Schengen visa liberalization, which should have been granted to Turkish citizens many years ago.

“It is simply unfair to treat Europe's failure to deliver on its commitments as a technical and small matter and then accuse Turkey of being a spoiler.” 


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