Skopje visit by Davutoglu to support Macedonia-Turkish relations

Davutoglu will see President Ivanov and Prime Minister Gruevski in Macedonia. Minorities Representative of the Turkish Democratic Party Kemal Hasip will also meet with the minister. Ways to increase 400 million dollar business increased to $1 billionwill be sought during the meeting.

Skopje visit by Davutoglu to support Macedonia-Turkish relations

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's visit to Macedonia has begun. In terms of timing, the visit is a kind gesture. After Davutoglu became Prime Minister, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was the first to visit him to Macedonia. The meeting that happened on September 17 and this visit is three months after this visit. Every year on the December 21, there is a Turkish language festival and here not only the Macedonian minority in Turkey but also to the Macedonian government, they say, “we stand by your side”.

After bilateral talkswith Gurevski, Davutoglu will also talk with Ivanov and he is expected to also speak with Kenan Hasip. Davutoglu will also meet with Macedonian Turkish Civil Organisations (MATUSITEB). 

Turkish Minorities Link Turkey to Macedonia

English Kent University Political Sciences and International Relations department lecturer Muzaffer Kutlay said that Turkey plays an important role in Macedonian history. After Istanbul was conquered, and under Ottoman rule for 524 years Skopje and said that Macedonia carries the Ottoman spirit in many ways.

He said, “The Turkish minorities here is around 100,000, whereas those who can speak Turkish numbers 500,000. Turkish education, political representation, and Turkish representation in government has been recorded. However there is still some animosity with other ethnic groups. Turkey feels responsible and protective in terms of ensuring stability and security in the country. Macedonia evaluates the political atmosphere within the ongoing government and since September the government opposition crisis has been alleviated somewhat as a result of Minister Davutoglu's visit”.

 Increase trade to $1 billion

With the current trade between both countries at $400 million. Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski has been working to attract foreign investment in the country. In the September visit to Turkey, he visited Istanbul, Kocaeli, Eskisehir, Mersin and Adana. Researcher Kutlay said that with economics as the priority for the visit, said “In particular foreign trade and Turkish companies investing in Macedonia is a priority.

With Macedonian businesses giving tax benefits to Turkish companies and providing resident visas alongside those who complete their university degree in Turkey in the case of Furkan Cako who was appointed Minister of State for Foreign Investment shows how much we care about this issue”.

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