Tanzanian FM calls Turkish investors to his country

Tanzanian Foreign Minister meets with member of Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board regarding investing in Tanzania.

Tanzanian FM calls Turkish investors to his country

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Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Bernard Membe and his delegation gathered with Turkish businessmen from Foreign Economic Relations Board in Istanbul on Friday.  

"Tanzania has several resources and we think that the Turkish business world takes note of them. We are rich in many fields such as agriculture, mining, energy and tourism and I think that Turkish businessmen will be interested in these features." said Bernard Membe during a speech at the meeting. 

Meanwhile Nuh Tandogan, chair of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, said that they are aiming to make Turkish and African businessmen gather more frequently to create new cooperation opportunities, which can be transformed into concrete partnerships and that is why a memorandum of understanding envisaging possible cooperation’s for establishing a Turkish-Tanzanian Business Council, was signed.

Bernard Membe and his delegation previously met with Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as part of their official visit.


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