The Islamic World must 'Wake up' says Ibrahim Kalin

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, who attended the Al Sharq Forum program in Istanbul, addressed the Islamic world and said, "We need to wake up from sleep."

The Islamic World must 'Wake up' says Ibrahim Kalin

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Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın attended the Al Sharq Forum program at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel.  Ibrahim Kalin, who spoke on the opening speech of the program, said, "The things we will do together on behalf of our future are very important, I have to talk about these issues. It is not very easy, of course, and I admit that the members of the security council here do not want to leave any kind of privilege. "

"Europe-centered policy should now be history"

In the continuation of his speech, "A formula was developed concisting that the world is bigger than 5. The World cannot look only through the eyes of those five members. The council should increase the number of the members to learn and develope more about the culture and politics.

We have to make politics history now because history is living in the shadow of European-centered understanding. Even in the Muslim world, we must now have a critical approach to the problems we are living in. We are very much internalizing these concepts.

"We need to wake up from sleep"

Stating that the Islamic world should be awakened from a deep sleep, Kalın said, "Now what we see in Europe is moving further to the right, as we have seen in the elections in Germany: they are moving towards neonazi policies that are more or less in the leading European countries.

The first thing we have to do is to wake up from our sleep, I am talking about the Muslim world for a very long time, I am talking about Muslim academics, NGOs, political leaders, students, about women. We have to wake up from this deep sleep, and we have to realize how serious this is. "

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