Turkey 'believes in EU common values'

EU minister Omer Celik says Ankara wants to focus on cooperation, not debates about 'concerns'

Turkey 'believes in EU common values'

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Turkey wants to enhance ties with the European Union instead of speaking about “concerns”, the country’s EU Affairs Minister said on Tuesday.

Omer Celik, in a statement to mark May 9 Europe Day, said: “We believe in the common values and benefits of the European Union and Turkey.

“We desire to speak on which fields we can cooperate, instead of speaking on ‘concerns’, with the European foundations and the member countries, in the coming period.”

He also said Turkey was ready to support the EU in its current difficulties.

“Despite the current turbulence experienced by the EU, the EU will be shielded from this as long as it adheres to its strong and deep-rooted values and principles,” he added.

Celik went on to warn against rising far-right sentiment on the continent:

“However, the extreme right, which is strengthened by Islamophobia and the opposition to migration, is the most important threat to EU values.

“Furthermore, public statements based on these discourses made by political leaders who are representatives of extreme right and populist tendencies result in the erosion of these values and principles.

“Turkey has emphasized from the start that the EU should distance itself from groundless fears and prejudices impeding its development and adhere to its fundamental values.

“Turkey will be the most important supporter of the EU in this process.” 

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