Turkey condemns fatal terror attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk

Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns triple bombing that killed 1, injured 14 in Kirkurk

Turkey condemns fatal terror attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk

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Turkey on Saturday strongly condemned the triple bombing in Iraq’s Kirkuk that left one person dead and 14 others injured on Friday, according to a statement.

In the statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Turkey observed “that some circles, who follow their dark agenda and try to harm the will of peaceful coexistence of the people of Kirkuk [...] still continue their attacks despite our warnings.”

It expressed hope that the relevant Iraqi authorities would take necessary measures to prevent the “malicious objectives of these circles and ensure the safety of all components of the people of Kirkuk.”

Turkey reiterated “the importance of fair, transparent and immediate evaluation of our kinsmen's legitimate demands, who have been organizing peaceful demonstrations about fraud allegations regarding the elections in Kirkuk.”

Tension has been high in the oil-rich Kirkuk since May 12 elections, of which many Turkmen and Arabs believe that results were manipulated especially in Erbil and Kirkuk.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Haziran 2018, 10:20