Turkey, Djibouti sign defense cooperation deal

The defense ministers of the two countries have signed the agreement

Turkey, Djibouti sign defense cooperation deal

World Bulletin/News Desk

Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz and his Djiboutian counterpart Hassan Darar Houffaneh signed Wednesday a defense industry cooperation agreement at a meeting in Djibouti's capital, Djibouti City.

"The Turkish defense industry has developed recently and all of our domestic products are modern and in compliance with NATO standards," Yilmaz said during the meeting with his counterpart.

Houffanah said, "Turkey is economically and militarily strong and experienced. We want to benefit from Turkey's experience and collaborate more with Turkey on stability in East Africa." 

Yilmaz also met with Djiboutian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Yousuf and Djiboutian Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed to discuss defense and cooperation issues.

Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board and the Djiboutian Chamber of Commerce had signed a trade deal on April 22.

Turkey's diplomatic relations with Djibouti, Africa's third smallest country, started last year as part of Turkey's aim of enhancing economic, political and trade ties with the continent.


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