Turkey FM says YPG trying to divide Syria

Terror group YPG aims to establish own management in its stronghold in Syria; to this end it has already sold out Americans in the field, says Turkish FM

Turkey FM says YPG trying to divide Syria

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Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Thursday that the US has been sold out in Syria by the People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorist organization, which Washington considers a strategic partner.

“By opening its first overseas office in Moscow, the terror group YPG has sold the US out in the field,” Çavuşoğlu said on Thursday.

“The aim of these terrorists is clear: they would like to divide Syria in the same manner as ISIL [has],” he said adding that another terror group, Al Nusra, also wants to establish its own states in their respective strongholds as well.

Speaking about a ceasefire in Syria that will start on Friday, Çavuşoğlu said the important thing is implementation of the process.

He said that opposition groups accepted the ceasefire deal because they want reforms in the country, they want political solutions rather than gaining some land or territory like PYD, YPG or ISIL.

He said that PYD and its armed wing, YPG, are terrorist organizations like ISIL. Both of the groups intend to establish their own management.

“PYD and PKK are the same terrorist organization,” he reiterated Turkey's official view to the group. Along with Turkey, the EU and the US also recognize the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization. But the US is reluctant to declare PYD a terror group. The Obama administration sees PYD as a “strategic partner” in Syria.

“The US should give up this reluctance,” he said.

Turkey repeatedly called on the US to stop supporting the terror group, but it continued to supply arms and logistic support to terrorists.

“The US is one of our strongest allies. But it does not mean that we will support all their activities,” said Çavuşoğlu, emphasizing that US policy on PYD was wrong.

He said that Turkey has shared documents with its allies that prove YPG's terrorism in the region as well as its direct connection with the PKK.

“The Europeans have started to understand the reality of YPG, and the US will recognize it too,” he added.

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