Turkey got serious global support on US move

Latest moves by the US against Turkey opened the world's eyes, says foreign minister

Turkey got serious global support on US move

World Bulletin / News Desk

Amid its tensions with the U.S., Turkey has gotten huge support from across the world, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Wednesday.

 “These events have opened the eyes of the world,” Mevlut Cavusoglu told a joint press conference with his Sudanese counterpart Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed at the 10th Ambassadors’ Conference in the capital Ankara.

Cavusoglu said that the international community saw the U.S. “disrespectful attitude towards all countries” since the present administration came to office.

He added that it is also internationally known that the U.S. would use its economic power "roughly" against other countries.

“So everyone is looking for a way to get out of the dollar,” he said.

Cavusolgu stressed that Turkey will continue its “upright stance."

“We will continue our efforts to resolve present problems through diplomatic means...But we will not give into pressure or imposition,” he said referring ongoing tension between Ankara and Washington -.

As they have learned from their experiences, Turkish authorities are taking measures to reform the economy, he said.

The measures already taken have relieved the markets, he added.

Mentioning Turkey's worldwide humanitarian supports, Cavusoglu stressed that Turkey has used its power in favor of humanity and its friends and that other countries took note.

Turkey is the “world’s most generous country” in terms of foreign aid, he said, adding that oppressed people worldwide noticed this and prayed for Turkey’s strong economy.

Cavusoglu also highlighted that the EU and countries which have economic ties with Turkey favor a strong Turkish economy.


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