Turkey, Iraq sign new trade and energy agreements

Turkey to increase crude oil imports from Iraq, according to new deal.

Turkey, Iraq sign new trade and energy agreements

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Turkey will increase its import of crude oil from Iraq, according to a deal signed between the two countries on Sunday. 

During the 17th Turkey-Iraq Joint Economic Commission meeting in Baghdad, the two sides made a range of agreements on energy and trade, including developing the natural gas pipeline used to import gas from Iraq. Another agreement involves training Iraqi technicians by Turkish experts on inner-city natural gas distribution.

Baghdad will also complete the electricity transmission line between Turkey's Cizre and Iraq's Mosul, while promising to support electricity investments of Turkish private companies, mostly in Basra province. 

Both sides agreed to accelerate the process of opening new border gates and increase the capacity of Turkey's Habur customs gate and Iraq's Ibrahim Khalil border crossing.  

Officials also agreed to boost the number of flights between the two nations.  



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Muhammed Öylek