Turkey lays out Antarctic ambitions

Sixteen scientists from Turkey to travel to Antarctica in Dec. 2014 and Jan. 2015.

Turkey lays out Antarctic ambitions

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Turkish researchers have said they aim to open a permanent scientific research station in Antarctica within five years.

Abdurrahman Kulnuk, the head of Turkey’s Antarctic Polar Scientific Research Center was speaking to the Anadolu Agency ahead of planned expedition by 16 Turkish scientists to the territory between next December and January.

Long-term plans include establishing a permanent group of between 5 to 10 scientists there.

The new expedition will have access to the facilities at Russia’s and Bulgaria’s Antarctic stations Kulnuk said, adding that the 16 scientists had undertaken special training and education to face the difficult polar conditions.

It is being suggested that this expedition will pave the way for a permanent Turkish presence in Antarctica. Kulnuk said that Turkey’s station could be established near Bulgaria’s current facility.

“No state owns Antarctica; a consortium operates there. To be there you need to have scientific research infrastructure, and we now are working to map this out,” Kulnuk said.

Bulgaria’s station in Antarctica has operated in the territory since 1988 and some 30 states have bases in the polar region.

“The U.S has already established an airport there as well as small towns,” Kulnuk said, adding that the U.S had several bases accommodating around 1,000 people.


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