Turkey needs reform to solve perception problems, deputy PM says

Babacan says both domestic and international perception problems need to be solved before turning into confidence problems

Turkey needs reform to solve perception problems, deputy PM says

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The perception problems Turkey has been facing since last summer's anti-government protests demonstrate that Turkey needs immediate reforms, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said on Saturday.

These domestic and international problems should be solved before turning into serious confidence problems over time, Babacan said in the opening ceremony of a business meeting in Istanbul.

Last summer's 'Gezi Park protests' and a subsequent series of anti-corruption operations were two of the main dynamics driving debates around the 2014 local elections in Turkey, along with knowledge that the local polls appeared as a dry run for an upcoming presidential election in August.

"In order to provide an environment of trust throughout the country, we need a well-functioning, credible judicial system," Babacan said, pointing to judicial reforms.

The Gezi Park protests began as a small environmental demonstration last summer and mushroomed into nationwide anti-government protests.

Babacan also underscored that Turkey would hold the presidency of G-20 next year, saying this would be a significant opportunity for Turkey's business sector as developing countries were significant targets of investment for companies seeking growth and dynamism.


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