Turkey neutralizes some 14,700 terrorists over 3 years

Reviewing Turkey's success in fighting the PKK and other terror groups, defense minister vows to root out terrorism at home and abroad

Turkey neutralizes some 14,700 terrorists over 3 years

Turkish security forces have neutralized nearly 14,700 terrorists as part of anti-terror operations over the last three years, the country’s national defense minister said on Friday. 

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in the capital Ankara, Hulusi Akar spoke on recent developments in the fight against terrorism at home and abroad, saying a total of 14,694 terrorists were neutralized from July 24, 2015, to Oct. 23, 2018. 

Stating that a heavy blow was dealt to terrorists inside the country, he said: “No cave, mountain, or hill was left unturned. Every stone was looked under. We continue to do so.”

The terrorists have been crippled, said Akar. “Their communications [among themselves], their winter deployments and food gathering have been limited in all respects.”

“They are under very serious pressure by unmanned drones, aircraft, artillery, commandos and special forces. Top [terrorist] figures are aware of how desperate the situation is. That’s why they’re pursuing a number of individual and sensational acts.”

On Turkish forces' cross-border operations, he said: “We’re monitoring all of them [terror cells] including the Qandil and Sinjar [northern Iraqi regions] closely. We’ve taken necessary measures and will continue to do so.”

Iraq’s Mt. Qandil has been the main base of the terrorist PKK.

Akar also vowed the fight will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized.