Turkey's smart phone producer exporting to 33 countries

Company had invested 100 million Turkish Liras in Istanbul plant

Turkey's smart phone producer exporting to 33 countries

Turkey's leading mobile phone producer General Mobile exports its smart phones to 33 countries worldwide, Sabahattin Yaman, the company's CEO, said Tuesday.

The company aims to export smart phones to 45 countries by the end of this year, Yaman said during an event to promote the company's new model GM 9 Pro in Istanbul.

"We have invested 100 million Turkish liras ($15.4 million) in our plant in Istanbul, and we will continue our investments. We have 600 workers, and 300 of them work in the production side."

He said many Turks work in senior positions in software and hardware fields around the globe, adding that General Mobile aimed at bringing these people back home to contribute to the production of high-level technology in Turkey.

"Our goal is to produce smart phone parts in Turkey in the future," he said.

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