Turkey says Bahrain votes are important step to reform

Turkish Foreign Ministry says Bahrain elections in November will enhance national dialogue.

Turkey says Bahrain votes are important step to reform

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Turkey praised Bahrain for the running of general and municipal elections.

Bahrainis voted in their country's general and municipal elections, the first since 2011, on November 22 and 29, although the opposition boycotted the vote. Results were released on Nov. 30.

Releasing a statement on Wednesday, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said the elections are an important step towards reform and national dialogue in the country and for building a consensus.

"We congratulate the Bahraini people and would like to say that Turkey gives utmost importance to brother Bahrain's peace, security and stability," the statement added.

Around 349,713 voters were eligible to vote in the elections to choose 40 members for the country's parliament. A total of 419 candidates ran in the elections, according to local media.

Al-Wefaq and other Shiite opposition movements had earlier accused the government of coercing citizens into participating in the elections.

The final results of Bahrain's parliamentary elections showed the Muslim Brotherhood winning one seat, the Salafists clinching two, and three seats went to female representatives.

Bahrain has been rocked by political unrest since 2011, with the authorities blaming the Shiite opposition groups for the turmoil. The groups led by Al-Wefaq, however, say they seek the establishment of a "constitutional monarchy" in the kingdom.


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Muhammed Öylek