Turkey says PKK same terror category as ISIL

'(After Brussels attack), we have learnt that all terrorist organizations need to be put in same category,' Turkey’s EU Minister Bozkir says in Finland

Turkey says PKK same terror category as ISIL

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The PKK and ISIL are similar in their aims and methods so should be considered in the same category of terrorist organizations, Turkey’s EU Minister Volkan Bozkir has said.

Addressing a joint press conference with Finish Foreign Minister Timo Soini in the Finish capital Helsinki Wednesday, Bozkir said the international community should work together to combat terrorism.

“[After Brussels attacks], we have learnt that all terrorist organizations need to be put in the same category, we cannot discriminate among them. We have to work together,” he said.

Since all terror organizations are being fed by the same resources and use the same financial means, all countries should act together against terrorism, the minister said.

About why Turkey does not help the terrorist PKK's Syrian affiliate PYD fight ISIL, he said Turkey considers the PYD as a terrorist organization.

He also said the PKK was using the PYD in Syria. The PKK terrorist group prefers to use the YPG, the PYD’s armed wing, he added.

About Turkey’s EU accession process, Bozkir said a "new chapter would open in June".

Turkey applied for EU membership in 1987, while its accession talks began in 2005.

To gain membership, Turkey must successfully conclude negotiations with the EU in 35 policy chapters, which involve reforms and the adoption of European standards.  So far, 14 policy chapters have been opened, while 17 remain blocked and another four are yet to be discussed.

Soini said his meeting with Bozkir was very productive during which he got a chance to discuss Turkey-EU relations, Syria and recent terrorist attacks among a host of other issues.

He also conveyed his condolences to Turkey over the recent terrorist bombing in Istanbul.

On Saturday, a suicide blast in Istanbul killed five people, including the suspected ISIL suicide bomber and injured 39 others. Out of the total injured, 24 were foreigners.

Soini described Turkey- Finland relations as “perfect”, adding that Finland also considered the PKK as a terrorist organization.

He further reiterated Finland’s support for Turkey in its EU accession process during his meeting with the Turkey’s EU minister, according to Turkish officials.

Finland is one of the firmest supporters of Turkey in its decades-long accession bid for the EU. The process accelerated in 1999 during Finland’s presidency of the union before slowing down to a near halt in the following years.

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