Turkey to solve Saudi journalist case

Jamal Khashoggi has long been feared killed after he entered Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 

Turkey to solve Saudi journalist case

Turkey will do everything to solve the missing Saudi journalist's case, ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party spokesman Omer Celik said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters after the party's central executive board meeting, he said: “Turkey will do everything to solve missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s case and share the outcome with the entire world.” 

Khashoggi has long been feared killed after he entered the Saudi Consulate building in Istanbul on Oct. 2 and was never seen exiting. 

On same day, 15 other Saudis, including several officials, arrived in Istanbul on two planes and visited the consulate while Khashoggi was still inside, Turkish police sources said. All of the identified individuals have since left Turkey. 

When asked about reports that Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate and his body was chopped into pieces, Celik said: “We will clear all the questions but now Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office is in charge of the investigation and let’s wait how it concludes the case.”

Saudi authorities have yet to give a clear explanation of Khashoggi’s fate, as several countries -- particularly Turkey, the U.S., and the U.K. -- are pressing for the case to be cleared up as soon as possible.

Saudi Arabia's Consul General in Istanbul Mohammad al-Otaibi also left Turkey for Riyadh on Tuesday amid reports that his residence will be searched as part of an ongoing investigation, according to diplomatic sources.