Turkey works towards better energy goals for 2015

Turkey's Ministry of Development projects more electricity production from natural gas and renewables in 2015

Turkey works towards better energy goals for 2015

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Turkey's Ministry of Development released a detailed program on the country's energy goals for 2015, including items on expected electricity consumption, renewable energy and nuclear targets.

The 2015 program features items on energy projections, incentives, reforms and targets in Turkey.

The overall target of the program is for electricity users to receive constant, secure and low priced energy while diversifying the energy mix. With this in mind, the rise of renewables' share, further knowledge in nuclear energy technology and lowering of energy dependence is targeted while ensuring a strategically strong position in international energy trade. 

Turkey's electricity use is to increase by 4.3 percent and reach 268 billion kilowatt hours in 2015, according to the ministry.

Use of electricity per person is expected to increase by 3.1 percent - by 105 kilowatt hours to reach 3,429 kilowatt hours next year, according to the 2015 program.

The total electricity use is expected to be 257 billion kilowatt hours and per person use is projected to be 3,324 kilowatt hours by the end of this year.

Electricity generation plants are estimated to rise by 6.5 percent in 2015 to a capacity of 74 million kilowatts. The share of electricity plants using natural gas is expected to increase to 43.9 percent and the share of plants using renewables to 28.8 percent next year. 

In accordance with the program's aims, an energy monitoring body will be formed to gather statistics, survey and audit energy efficiency in the country.

The Science and Technology, Energy and Natural Resources and Finance Ministries intend to put in place energy efficiency projects while supporting the decrease of excess energy in industrial establishments, and to this end, the project includes proposed special consumption tax increases for certain electronic devices.

Geothermal projects, being environmentally conscious and less costly than alternatives, will be supported in relevant settlements. With new statistics gathered from solar and wind plants, solar energy and wind energy potential maps will be updated.

The Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate will determine the uses for geothermal energy and promote the use of geothermal resources.

Apart from increasing the share of renewable energy and implementing incentives for their enhanced use, natural gas companies doing long-term gas import deals will get a legal regulation to allow spot LNG importation so they can carry out their obligations.

Natural gas storage facility capacities will increase from 1.6 billion cubic meters to 4.3 billion cubic meters and the plans for the construction of a salt lake gas storage will continue in 2015.

In accordance with nuclear energy targets, an independent and competent regulatory and inspection body will be formed to monitor nuclear activities safely.

A law will be drafted to regulate the responsibilities and power of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority. The legislation will be prepared to guide the administration on the safe disposal and treatment of radioactive waste.

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