Turkey's EU minister criticizes Europe over racism

Omer Celik is latest to speak out after German cities barred Turkish politicians from referendum campaigning

Turkey's EU minister criticizes Europe over racism

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Europe should develop a common policy to tackle racism and xenophobia, the minister for EU affairs said Monday.

Omer Celik responded on Twitter to comments from EU politicians such as Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, who suggested an EU-wide ban on Turkish officials campaigning ahead of Turkey’s April 16 constitutional referendum.

Kern told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that a “common EU effort to end this kind of campaigning would be a sensible thing to do.”

In a series of tweets in English, Celik added: “Some European politicians who pursue anti-Turkish policies say that ‘a common policy against Turkey’ must be developed.”

He went on to say that “all democrats of the world” should form common policies against “governments and racists that exclude migrants who flee from atrocities.”

Other areas Celik suggested for developing common policies were to “investigate the missing migrant children in Germany and many other European cities”.

Referring to recent unrest in France following the alleged assault of a young man by police, he added: “A common policy must be developed against local administrations which pursue harsh attitudes towards migrants, as recently seen in Paris.”

The minister also called for a united stance against “racism, anti-migrant, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic policies which are all rising in Europe.”

Turkish voters -- including millions living in EU countries -- are to vote on whether to grant wide-ranging powers to the president and abolish the post of prime minister.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Germany after two cities barred Turkish politicians from campaigning for the Yes campaign.

“A common policy must be developed against the political mind that remains silent in the face of violations of democracy & human rights in Europe,” Celik said.

“A common policy must be developed on the role of governments and institutions that played a part in the rise of racism in Europe.”

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