Turkish journalists demand answers from employers

Journalists working for Hurriyet Daily News and Radikal have objected to the unfair dismissal of 35 colleagues.

Turkish journalists demand answers from employers

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Journalists from Turkey's Radikal newspaper and Hurriyet Daily News have published a manifesto in protest at a total of 35 journalists who were fired from their jobs at the two companies, pledging to use all legal avenues available to fight for their rights as workers and for the reversal of the decision.

Ironically, the 20 released journalists from HDN and 15 from Radikal quoted a famous quote used by Hurriyet in their TV commercials to explain why they were publishing the manifesto, saying 'freedom is mine.'

Expressing their frustration at the release of the workers under the pretence that they had stolen company property, the journalists complained that such an excuse affected their former colleagues right to seek work elsewhere.

Additionally, the journalists demanded to know the real reason for their release and how exactly their release fitted in with the company transformation policy to meet new, ambiguous targets. They also demanded answers on what was wrong with the old strategy and what the criteria for improvement were. Furthermore, they demanded to know why workers were being punished because directors were unable to pay their bills.

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a. khan
a. khan - 8 yıl Önce

They will never be told the real reason of dismissal.