Turkish minister hits out at terror 'double standard'

EU Minister Omer Celik says some Western countries fail to support Turkey when attacked by PKK

Turkish minister hits out at terror 'double standard'

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Turkey’s EU minister on Thursday criticized what he described as Europe and U.S.’s double standards on terrorist groups such as the YPG and the PKK.

In remarks made in Poland’s capital Warsaw at an event organized by the Turkish embassy, Omer Celik said the West only considered certain groups to be terrorists “if they are being hurt by them”.

Celik said when Turkey was attacked by ISIL, other countries showed solidarity but when it was the PKK, there was no sign of such support.

He also slammed American support for the YPG in Syria, and was critical of the Barack Obama administration for what he called its “passive” attitude towards the civil war there.

Later he praised current U.S. President Donald Trump’s backing for a “terror-free secure zone” in Syria.

 - Cyprus issue

On the Cyprus issue Celik underlined Turkey’s support for the negotiation process but said a Greek Cypriot plan to introduce a yearly school commemoration of the 1950 Enosis referendum was “very striking” while peace talks were ongoing.

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