Turkish official slams opposition for 'embracing lies' on Afghan refugees

Opposition parties attacked our government without 'reading a single word': Communications Director Fehrettin Altun.

Turkish official slams opposition for 'embracing lies' on Afghan refugees

Turkey’s communications director on Monday denied UK media reports on the establishment of an asylum processing center in Turkey for Afghan refugees, saying “there is no such demand."

Pointing to the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement in this regard on Sunday, Fahrettin Altun slammed Turkey's opposition parties for "insisting on lies and slander."

He accused the opposition of "embracing this lie" and "attacking the government" without even reading a “single word of the article."

"Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs quickly made a statement and revealed that what was said did not reflect the truth. But unfortunately the opposition did not stop insisting on lies and slander,” Altun wrote on Twitter.

“Let us state that there is no such demand. Even if there is a demand, we will never accept it,” he said.

Underlining that lying is “bad and dangerous," Altun said: “We will tell the truth under all circumstances."

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace wrote an article in The Mail on Sunday, saying: "A series of 'processing hubs' will be set up in countries neighboring Afghanistan for refugees who manage to escape. If they can establish their right to come to the UK, they will be flown to Britain."

Although Turkey’s name was not mentioned in the article, the tabloid in another story said the UK is looking at establishing hubs in countries such as Pakistan and Turkey.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry denied the claims, saying: "The news in the UK press saying there are plans to establish an asylum processing center for Afghan asylum-seekers in Turkey does not reflect the truth."