Turkish PM leaves meeting as reaction to bar president- UPDATED

Turkey's PM reacts against what he calls a 'political' and 'wrong' speech by the head of the Union of Bars, told TBB head to “have manners” and added that Feyzioglu's words on Van are complete lies.

Turkish PM leaves meeting as reaction to bar president- UPDATED

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s reactions against a lengthy speech by the head of the Union of Bars, Metin Feyzioglu marked the 146th founding anniversary of Turkey’s highest administrative court on Saturday.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out against Feyzioglu for his one-hour long speech at the Turkish Council of State (Danistay).

“The Head of Court has spoke for 25 minutes, you have been speaking for more than an hour,’’ Erdogan said. ‘’You are misbehaving, and your statements are false,” he added.

Feyzioglu said he had a greeting to deliver during his speech, adding ‘’the salute of people who continue to live in containers in the city of Van (hit by the earthquake in 2011).’’

"You don't have the legal right to say this,’Erdogan responded. ‘’You're making a political speech, everything you said about Van is a lie."

Head of the council, Zerrin Gungor, speaking at the event on Saturday, saying ‘’Legal authorities should work in accordance with the principle of separation of powers so the judicial process can function in a healthy way.’’

Gungor said the state and the nation’s belief in justice is the most obvious evidence for allowing the Council of State to retain its existence and effectiveness for 146 years.

However, with 190,340 files still awaiting a decision, the average waiting time for a decision is three years. Gungor said the council has not reached its desired trial period.

The Council of State's role is to make sure that officials are consistent with the law. In its capacity as an appellate court, it is entitled to review the appeals brought against the judgments given by administrative or tax courts.

Gungor also underlined that the Council of State’s Human Rights Commission was established on February 20, 2014, to watch the European Court of Human Rights decisions, closely.

Last month, the head of the Constitutional Court denounced "excessive" political criticism of his tribunal in a speech attended by Erdogan, who remained stonily silent during the ceremony. Only later did he say he was "saddened" by Chief Justice Hasim Kilic's words.

At the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Erdogan left the stage after clashing with Israeli President Shimon Peres in what would augur a split between the two allied nations that persists today.

The three-time premier has yet to announce a run for the presidency, but his interest in the top job is widely accepted.

Though largely ceremonial, the presidency is still the nation's most prestigious post and was held by modern Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

"If you love politics so much, then take off your (judicial) robe, enter the political arena and prove yourself," Erdogan said of Feyzioglu at the AK Party meeting.


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Haluk Savas
Haluk Savas - 7 yıl Before

Filibuster strategy seems to have misfired on the Head of the Turkish Bar Association, but only God knows why he attempted it!Equally, who allowed him to override his speech slot allocation knowing reaction may not be in his best interest (nor in Turkey's interest)? so sad, very bad show..