Turkish PM: Turkey will not sacrifice its law and order

Davutoglu calls for peace between all Turkish citizens in wake of fatal, mass demonstrations

Turkish PM: Turkey will not sacrifice its law and order

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"The Turkish government will sacrifice neither its state nor its law and order - everyone must know this," the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday.

He underlined that Turkey would always protect its citizens and the rights of Kobani’s victims, who have been besieged by the ISIL for more than two weeks.

The Turkish Prime Minister made his comments on Wednesday night after a "Security Summit", which he held immediately due to mass protests in eastern Turkey.

Some PKK supporters have started protests in various eastern regions against the Turkish government’s strategy in Kobani, which they believe has not done enough to protect the Kurdish population in that area.

Davutoglu confirmed that 19 people had lost their lives during the mass demonstrations and that by damaging private property, the protests were contrary to the principles of democracy.

“Turkey is a state based on the rule of law and after the clashes, we supported our brothers and sisters in Kobani. They fled to Turkey because of the strength of our state and our stability,” he said.

“The events in Kobani have not just begun recently. Some sides have accused Turkey of remaining silent - this is not true. There is no difference between the citizens of Turkey and the people of Kobani,” he continued.

The attacks on Kobani and surrounding villages, just across the Turkish border, have led to 160,000 refugees seeking sanctuary in Turkey.

Davutoglu also called for peace between all Turkish citizens and urged them "to follow the latest developments peacefully. Do not let yourselves be easily provoked. We will not let vandalism damage the solution process.”

Turkey has launched what is publicly known as "the solution process" to end a decades old conflict with the outlawed PKK which has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people.

“Some international actors who remain silent to the use of chemical weapons, Scud missiles and barrel bombs are now trying to create the perception that Turkey has to solve the Kobani issue as soon as possible,” Davutoglu continued.

He stated that “these kinds of attacks will not be halted unless the international community started to secure the lives of the Syrian people.”

He also blamed the UN’s five permanent members saying that they “have primary responsibility for the latest developments in Kobani.”


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