The murder of a young woman has made the headlines of Turkish dailies again on Tuesday as her death sparks an outcry in the country.


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The case of a young woman brutally killed last week has dominated the headlines of many Turkish dailies for a second day.

"The wings of angels will not break if we unite," said HABERTURK, quoting 20-year-old Ozgecan Aslan's father as he called for united action on violence against women. He was quoted as saying that women, as mothers, should be educated as they raise the men who carry out abuse.

HABERTURK also quoted the mother of Suphi A., the murder suspect , saying she herself was a victim of violence as her husband beat her repeatedly and she could not save her son from his father's behavior.

Aslan went missing last Wednesday; her charred body was found in a riverbed on February 13. Three suspects were arrested on February 15 in connection with the murder, which has shocked the country.

"Look Ozgecan, it is changing," said HURRIYET in its headline, as the shockwaves following her death stirred a campaign against abuse.

MILLIYET said "capital punishment is not a solution," as a new discussion on the death penalty has sparked after the sheer brutality of Ozgecan's killing.

Ozgecan's father, Mehmet, also said that capital punishment would not solve the problem.

"I would punish the murderer myself if my daughter had been killed. But, it would not be appropriate for the state to kill someone," Turkey's EU Minister Volkan Bozkir was reported as saying. Other top officials, including Turkey’s economy and family ministers, have mentioned a possible discussion about reinstating the death penalty.

SABAH featured President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks as he described violence against women as "ignoble."

In other news, VATAN ran the headline "ISIL beheaded, Egypt hit," as extremist fighters, who announced their loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, released a video apparently showing 21 Egyptian Copts being killed. Egyptian fighter jets hit ISIL targets in Libya, as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi pledged attacks would continue.


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Muhammed Öylek