Turkish dailies on Tuesday cover Putin’s visit to Turkey, as well as official start of country’s G20 presidency.


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Turkish dailies gave extensive coverage to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Ankara.

The front page of Tuesday’s HURRIYET reads “Double surprise from Putin,” referring to the Russian president’s announcement of increased natural gas supplies to Turkey. 

Russia will make a 6 percent discount on natural gas sales to Turkey and will increase the existing capacity of Blue Stream Natural Gas Pipeline by 3 billion cubic meters, the newspaper also reported.

Putin made the remarks at the press conference with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkish capital Ankara following the signing ceremonies between two countries’ ministers on several economic agreements.

Reporting on the same story, MILLIYET said Russia will not continue the construction of the South Stream natural gas pipeline because of differences with the EU, and instead may build a 63 billion cubic meter capacity natural gas pipeline to Turkey.

The newspaper also reported that Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning approved Monday an environmental assessment report of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant ahead of Putin’s visit to the country. According to the newspaper, the association of environmental engineers warned about dangerous radioactive waste, and said that they will bring the issue to the courts.

VATAN said about ten ministers accompanied Putin in Ankara. The newspaper reported that energy, Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and the natural gas discount were high on his agenda.

According to the newspaper, the two countries announced their aim to increase annual trade volume to $100 billion by 2020. 

Turkish dailies also covered official start of Turkey’s presidency of G20.

SABAH quoted Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Economy: “Three words will guide Turkey in hosting the annual G20 meeting of 2015: ‘inclusivity, implementation, reforms’.”

MILLIYET reported that Babacan said that there are 180-190 countries excluded from the G20 and he aims to be voice of these countries too.

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