Turkish dailies covered on Friday the disparate responses from opposition parties to the call of the Turkish PM's new charter offer within the constitution drafting process, the funeral of a university student who died at the Gezi protests and the arrest warrent for the machete-wielding man, as well as claims that Morsi was sabotaged and the 18th year of the Srebrenica massacre


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Turkish dailies covered on Friday the disparate responses from opposition parties to the call of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's new charter proposal within constitution drafting process, the funeral of the university student died in hospital after getting injured during Gezi protests and arrest warrent for the machete-wielding man, the claims that Morsi was sabotaged and 18th year of Srebrenica massacre.

Several Turkish dailies gave wide coverage of political parties' responses to Turkish PM Erdogan's call for the legislative passage of agreed-upon 48 charter articles, and increase the number of agreed-upon articles, if possible. Daily SABAH headlined "Constitution race against the time", and published that Erdogan's proposal mobilized Turkish politics. While Speaker of the Parliament Cemil Cicek gathered the Parliament's constitution drafting committee on Thursday ordering the committee to work round the clock, the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party was planning to withdraw its presidential system proposal if all other remaining articles were agreed upon, and call for an extraordinary parliament session in August or September to provide the parliament legislate the agreed-upon articles. Daily RADIKAL highlighted different responses of opposition parties to the proposal. It published, while main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) stated they would support the decision by the committee to hand in the 48 articles to the parliament, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) behaving cautious about the offer, announced that it would declare its position after making an inside-party evaluation, and Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) said, "Not enough but yes", stating that agreed-upon articles were not in line with their democracy demands. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Conditional yes", and quoted main opposition CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as saying "If they withdraw presidential system proposal, at least 40 more articles can be negotiated." It further quoted Kilicdaroglu as saying, "We highly prioritize reaching a consensus on the articles, too. It is possible to increase the number of articles to 60-65. If the commission tells us that 48 or 65 articles were enough to turn them into law, we will not disagree. Because of presidential system proposal, 40 articles could not be negotiated. If they withdraw the proposal, at least 40 articles would be opened for talks, and the number of agreed-upon articles will increase." MILLIYET also quoted Cicek as saying, "4 leaders are willing to make it work. Approaching elections require a gear change. Last 3 months before the elections are vital for reaching solution." Daily VATAN gave details about CHP's "conditional yes" as leaning towards a "partial package" if articles such as "legislative immunity" to the constitution package were to be included in a way to solve the problem of arrested parliamentarians. VATAN also said the committee would start its intensive work with "fundamental rights and freedoms" and "judiciary".

Funeral of the university student died at Gezi protests and arrest warrent for the machete-wielding man

Some dailies covered the funeral of the university student Ali Ismail Korkmaz, aged 19, who died at ICU after he was seriously beaten on June 2 by unidentified people with sticks during Gezi protests in Turkish central city of Eskisehir. Daily HABERTURK headlined "One coffin, 3 mothers", publishing that the funeral, participated by thousands, in Korkmaz's hometown Hatay, a province in southern part of Turkey, was participated by the mothers of 2 other victims of Gezi protests Ethem Sarisuluk and Abdullah Comert in order to console Korkmaz's family. Daily CUMHURIYET added, the murderer was still unidentified after 1 month, while a witness was reported to have spoken before the prosecution office and said a group of 5-6 including undercover policemen had beaten Korkmaz.

Daily TARAF titled "machete-wielding man will be investigated secretly", and published that an Istanbul High Criminal Court issued arrest warrant and decided on the investigation to be executed secretly for Sabri Celebi who attacked Taksim Gezi Park protesters with a machete, but was released by the court on July 6 on the same day pending a trial after being taken into custody.

The claims that Morsi was sabotaged

Daily YENI SAFAK titled "US funded the pro-coup forces", covering the allegations according to documents obtained by the Investigative Reporting Program at University of California Berkeley show the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) operating under US Department of State channeled millions of dollars funding to the opposition in Egypt. On the other hand, Daily TURKIYE published that Morsi was sabotaged by Mubarek-supporters, referring to a New York Times article saying "Coup came, electricity came, gas queues ended, crimes decreased", and added, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Quwait channelled $ 12 million at total for triggering a coup, which now helps the Egyptian economy recover in a sudden following the coup.

18th year of Srebrenica massacre

Some dailies covered the funeral of 409 people at Potacari Memorial cemetery on the 18th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre in Srebrenica. Daily SABAH titled "409 more lillies to monumental tomb", publishing 409 more Bosniaks who were identified after 18 years were burried. Daily YENI SAFAK titled "No way to define this pain", and daily TURKIYE wrote that Radovan Karadzic, Serbian commander ordered the death of more than 8000 Bosniaks, who was acquitted last year, would be retried as International Criminal Court reversed the judgment.

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