Turkish dailies covered on Friday the latest developments in and world's attitude on the military coup in Egypt, and the Turkish constitutional court's decision about a ten-year imprisonment on crimes related to terrorism and coups.


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Daily MILLIYET headlined "Silence of Coup", saying that the international public opinion, Western leaders and world press avoided using the term 'coup' despite the Mursi government being ousted with the Egyptian army's intervention. Western press did not use the term 'coup' in their headlines.

"Photograph of primitiveness" daily STAR titled, expressing that the leader of the military junta in Egypt, Abdel Fatah El Sisi, gave the most primitive photo to press in which he was with his proponents behind him. There was no condemnation from the world to neither this photograph nor the military coup.

Daily ZAMAN headlined "Arrest glut in Egypt" and published that the Egyptian army started with detainments on the first day of the coup. Mohamed Morsi and his crew were claimed to have been sent to Tora prison in Cairo where Hosni Mobarak, a former Egyptian politician, leader and military commander, stayed and arrest glut was started against Muslim Brotherhood Party.

Saying the world did not react to the ousting of Egyptian President Morsi, who came to power by democratic elections in Egypt, daily YENI SAFAK headlined "July 4 is the day of shame", adding that US President Obama did not use of the term 'coup' while the EU, the castle of democracy, said they were neutral and Israel applauded the junta.

Daily SABAH titled "Morsi stabbed in back" saying Morsi appointed the commander of coup proponents Abdel Fatah El Sisi as defense minister in 2012 and the interim president Adly Mansour as president of the constitutional court two months ago.

Cancellation of the decision of a ten-year imprisonment, an application given by the Republican People's Party (CHP) in Turkey

Daily HABER TURK titled "A ten-year arrest cannot be accepted," saying the top court resolved the application of the Republican People's Party on Thursday and the provision which arranged the arrest duration as ten years on crimes committed against constitutional order such as terror and coup in the third judicial package.

Daily MILLIYET headlined "Cancellation to a ten-year imprisonment" and published that the constitutional court canceled the arrangement in Article 10 of the Law on Counter-Terrorism, which formed the basis of the computation of long arrest durations as ten years on terror and organized crimes.

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