Turkish dailies covered on Tuesday the hot air balloon crash in Cappadocia, the AK Party's target of three elections in 2014, the meeting of Sports Minister Kilic with two footballers of African origin and the Hezbollah-Assad alliance at the border.


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All Turkish dailies covered the hot air balloon crash in Turkey's popular tourist destination of Cappadocia where three Brazilian citizens died.

Daily MILLIYET said the opposition parties were ready for the three elections in 2014. The ruling AK Party has the aim to hold in 2014 the municipality and presidential elections and also a referendum for charter.

The TODAY'S ZAMAN titled, "PM's words on three elections a tactic for reconciliation on charter" and analyzed that it could be a tactic by the prime minister to force a parliamentary commission tasked with drafting a new constitution to successfully conclude its efforts soon.

The headline of TARAF is "At first democracy than presidency". Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) put a condition against Prime Minister Erdogan's formula of three elections in 2014. BDP has demanded constitutional and democratic cleansing before presidential election.

Dailies STAR and HABER TURK reported about Sports Minister Suat Kilic's meeting with Ivorian Didier Drogba and Cameroonian Pierre Webo, two footballers with African origin from Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, respectively over dinner and said, "No color is worth killing people." The two footballers said that they had no negative or racist experiences in Turkey and they felt comfortable. The minister came together with Drogba and Webo after Fenerbahce fans waved bananas at Fenerbahce's home ground Saracoglu Stadium during their derby against arch rivals Galatasaray on May 12.

ZAMAN titled that the "Hezbollah-Assad alliance opens a corridor of death" and explained that the alliance got the control of a strategic area at the border between Lebanon and Syria. 

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