Turkish dailies on Thursday cover Turkey’s president’s remarks on the ongoing Kurdish 'solution process' and have reported on a hearing into the death of a protester injured during the 2013 Gezi Park protests.


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Turkish dailies covered President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on the Kurdish ‘solution process’ delivered during a meeting in the capital, Ankara.

The front page of Thursday’s STAR reads “Concession process,” referring to the ongoing talks which were launched last year, aimed at securing an end to a decades-long conflict with the terrorist organization PKK which has claimed more than 40,000 lives.

According to the newspaper Erdogan said that there were clear borders and a framework to the solution process.

He added that weapons should be laid down and the process should continue in the political field, STAR reported.

The newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying: “Anyone who wants to take part in the solution process, who wants to contribute to the process, may be involved.”

Turkish dailies on Thursday also covered the fifth hearing into the death of a man who died in intensive care after being severely beaten during the 2013 Gezi Park protests.

The disturbances rocked Turkey last year when a small environmental demonstration in Istanbul turned into nationwide anti-government protests.

HURRIYET lead with news on the trial of a police officer for the death of 19-year-old student Ali Ismail Korkmaz. According to the newspaper, Mevlut Saldogan said that the former prime minister, current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said that the Gezi protests were a coup attempt and, if so, his task was to prevent it.

Reporting on the same story VATAN said Saldogan faces life in prison. The newspaper reported claims that Saldogan kicked Korkmaz tree times, in the head and the chest, causing injuries that led to the 19-year old’s death.

VATAN quoted Saldogan: “If it was a coup attempt, then I was tasked to stop the coup attempt.”

According to HABER TURK, Saldogan rejected claims he struck Korkmaz.

The newspaper reported that Saldogan told the court he had returned from the country’s southeast with a loaded gun on the day of the protests. If he had wanted to kill the protesting student, he could have used it, HABER TURK quoted the police officer as saying.

The hearing, held on Wednesday at the 3rd High Criminal Court in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri, was suspended after the defense was presented.

Turkish newspapers also covered news that a former high-ranking army figure has been acquitted of charges related to the suspicious death of one of Turkey’s former presidents.

The press ran stories about a court ruling on the alleged assassination of the country’s eighth president, Turgut Ozal, who died of a suspicious heart attack on April 17, 1993 while still in office.

YENI SAFAK said “Forgive us Ozal,” referring to the prosecutor’s words who regretted that the former head-of-state's cause of death could not be determined.

SABAH reported that Ankara's 4th High Criminal Court acquitted retired Brigadier Gen. Levent Ersoz of charges of having killed Ozal.


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