Turkish dailies on Thursday covered clashes in Jerusalem and the U.S. Democratic Party's loss of the Senate to their Republican rivals in the mid-term elections.


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On Thursday, most Turkish dailies reported on clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian worshippers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in Jerusalem.

A group of Israeli security forces and a number of Jewish settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa compound on Wednesday, according to Palestinian officials.

"Israeli shoes in Al-Aqsa," said the STAR daily, reporting that Israeli forces entered the Al-Aqsa mosque for the first time in 47 years. 

Around 300 soldiers entered the mosque's yard first and later went inside throwing copies of the Quran onto the ground, the paper claimed.

"The harshest criticism came from Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu," said the paper and quoted him saying: "[The attack is] nothing but barbarity to the core."

Davutoglu, speaking late Wednesday, stressed that Israeli actions must receive a "stern response," and said Turkey always stood by Palestinians.

YENI SAFAK claimed that Israel carried out the attacks because it had been annoyed with Western countries' steps towards recognizing Palestine as a state.

Recalling that Sweden had recently recognized the State of Palestine, making it the first European Union country to do so, the paper said the idea of "recognizing Palestine as an independent state" has been spreading across Europe.

During Wednesday's incidents, Israel dispersed Palestinians in Al-Aqsa mosque, firing tear gas and rubber bullets. VATAN claimed 27 Palestinians were wounded.

HURRIYET gave the total number of people wounded as 40, including 13 Israelis who were hurt when a “Hamas vehicle” drove into a crowd of pedestrians, killing one policeman. One AA correspondent was also injured during the clashes.

Palestinian authorities are planning to take the issue to the UN, the daily said.

"At least 15 Palestinians were injured by rubber bullets, including two in the head and one in the eye, while dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation," a Palestinian guard at the holy complex told AA on Wednesday.

TURKIYE ran with the headline "Great insolence," saying the attacks were insults to Muslims’ holy places in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

The paper also included the Turkish PM's call on all Muslims to own and protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In other news, several Turkish dailies covered that Republicans in the United States took control of the U.S. Senate, which SABAH said was clear evidence of "popular discontent with Democratic president, Barack Obama."

After having already taken control of the House of Representatives, Republicans, now with the control of the Senate assured, will further complicate Obama's efforts to drive U.S. policy, the paper claimed.

HURRIYET called Obama a "lame duck" – an expression used for an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure.


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