Turkish reporter suffers live a heart attack - VIDEO

Şükrü Oytan, a journalist who presents a sportive program on a local television channel in Eskişehir, had a heart attack in a live broadcast.

Şükrü Oytan, a sports reporter on a local television station in Eskişehir, suffered a heart attack in a live broadcast.

During the analysis of the game against Eskişehirspor-Ümraniyespor in the first week of the game the Spor Toto-1. League Oytan suddenly hesitated and commented on the teams.

After a short silence, Şükrü Oytan leaned over the table and then fell off his chair, losing his balance.

These sad moments were reflected in the cameras seconds.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Kasım 2018, 11:52