Turkish 'young explorers' arrive in Belgrade

The Balkans train journey for students is part of a program to teach students about Turkey's historic role in the region

Turkish 'young explorers' arrive in Belgrade

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A group of ‘young explorers’ arrived in Serbian capital Belgrade on Friday on the latest leg of their Balkans tour.

The Young Explorers Train, organized by Turkey's Ministry of Youth and Sports, is visiting countries that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire to educate a new generation of students about Turkey’s relationship with the Balkans.

Vedat Gul, from the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade, said: “This is an activity that has already become a tradition. It is very successful and set in a very positive atmosphere.

“It's a good way to improve relations between the two countries and to ensure our young people have a better understanding of the Balkans’ values and heritage.”

The group of 118 male students spent the day sightseeing, including a visit to the famous Bajrakli Mosque.

The train voyage began on August 22 in Istanbul. So far the explorers have visited Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Mostar.

The journey, which is free for undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 19 to 25, involves travelling at night and exploring during the day.

A second train carrying female students will leave Istanbul on September 5.

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Muhammed Öylek