TV presenter killed in car accident near Turkey-Syria border

Press TV journalist dies after her car crashed into a construction vehicle near the border

TV presenter killed in car accident near Turkey-Syria border

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Serena Shim, a 30-year old U.S. citizen and journalist working for Iran's Press TV, was killed in a traffic accident Sunday.

She was returning from the town of Suruc in Sanliurfa, which borders Kobani -- a scene of ongoing clashes between Syrian Kurdish militias and the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group.

The rental car carrying Shim, a mother of two, and a cameraman crashed into a concrete mixer vehicle in Suruc on Sunday, killing the American correspondent of Lebanese descent.

The cameraman was injured and is being treated in Sanliurfa's Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital. 

Shim travelled to Suruc last week to cover fighting between armed units of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party-affiliated Democratic Union Party, or PYD, against ISIL militants to keep them from taking over Kobani.

Her relatives departed from the U.S. to Turkey after the accident.

Meanwhile, Sanliurfa governor Izzettin Kucuk ruled out any allegations of suspicious circumstances surrounding the journalist's death, as has been suggested by Press TV.

"We will give a detailed explanation after the investigation is completed," Kucuk said.

"Turkey is a democratic state governed by the rule of law. These are allegations aimed at putting Turkey on the spot," he added.


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Muhammed Öylek