2 bailiffs, suspected shooter killed at US courthouse

Sheriff says bystander, law enforcement officer also injured

2 bailiffs, suspected shooter killed at US courthouse

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Two bailiffs and a suspected gunman were killed Monday during a shooting at a Michigan courthouse, police said.

Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told reporters a fight occurred in the early afternoon when an inmate, who was being moved from his cell accompanied by a bailiff and a deputy, disarmed an officer.

"He was able to get that gun and shoot the deputy and then shoot and kill two bailiffs," Bailey said.

The inmate identified as 45-year-old white male Larry Gordon who faced felony charges, was able to also shoot a civilian in the arm before being overpowered by two other bailiffs.

The victims were named as 61-year-old Joseph Zangaro and 63-year-old Ronald Kienzle.

"This is a particularly tough time for law enforcement. This is a terrible event to have happened," Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said. "We need to rally together."

Southwest Michigan lawmaker John Proos took to Twitter to invoke prayers for the victims and the officers who responded. He said there would be a memorial walk from the courthouse to the Law Enforcement Memorial at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Michigan State Police is conducting an investigation into the shooting.


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