2014: A bloody year for Palestinians

The number of Palestinian fatalities from Israel’s summer offensive on Gaza surpassed the combined death toll from two previous Israeli wars against the Palestinian territory

2014: A bloody year for Palestinians

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This year has been a noticeably bloody one for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, the last of which bore the brunt of casualties.

An Israeli army onslaught on the blockaded Gaza Strip this summer left over 2,160 Palestinians, mostly civilians, dead, according to official Palestinian figures.

The number of Palestinian fatalities from Israel’s summer offensive surpassed the combined death toll from two previous Israeli wars against Gaza, including the 21-day "Operation Cast Lead" in 2008/09 in which at least 1,500 Palestinians were killed.

The latest Israeli offensive – which was brought to an end by an August 26 ceasefire deal between Israel and Palestinian factions – also left over 11,000 Palestinians injured in the embattled coastal enclave.

The year was also full of high tension in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Prior to the Gaza war, three Israeli settlers had been kidnapped and murdered, allegedly by Palestinian gunmen, in East Jerusalem.

Following this incident, a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and burned to death by Israeli settlers in the city.

The tension was further aggravated after Israeli authorities unprecedentedly closed off the Al-Aqsa Mosque Complex in East Jerusalem in late October.

The closure followed the injury of an extremist rabbi in a shooting by a Palestinian assailant.

Throughout the year, 68 Palestinians, including a senior official, were killed in Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank.

The fatalities had mostly occurred during clashes with Israeli troops as part of anti-occupation protests or during Israeli raids and attacks by Israeli settlers.

On January 29, 22-year-old Palestinian Mohamed Mubarak was shot and killed by Israeli troops as he worked at a construction site.

Israeli media claimed at the time that the man was killed during a battle with Israeli troops.

On December 10, Ziad Abu Ein, a senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official, died after being exposed to intense teargas during a rally in protest against new Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Daily arrests

Over 6,000 Palestinians were detained by the Israeli army and police throughout 2014, according to the PLO.

In 2014, Israeli detentions of Palestinians rose by 56 percent compared to last year, Abdel-Nasser Farawna, the head of the PLO's Detainees Affairs Department, said.

He added that there had been a significant rise of Israeli detentions of Palestinian children throughout the year as well.

On average, Israel detained 17 Palestinians in the occupied territories every day, according to Farawna.

He noted that all Palestinian detainees were subject to different forms of physical and psychological abuse by their Israeli jailers.

Farawna added that detentions of Palestinians greatly surged, following the abduction of three Israeli teens in the southern part of the occupied West Bank in June.

The detention of West Bank residents has become a common practice for the Israeli army and police.

Most of these detentions are made under the pretext that detained Palestinians are wanted by Israeli authorities.


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