A Turkish journey of art and poetry in Iran

With the opening of a new exhibition by Iranian Islamic calligraphy artist Nadir Unsuri, a new journey has begun with Turkish poetry for Iranians in Tehran. The assistance of the Yunuz Emre Cultural Center, the exhibition also carries the distinction of the first calligraphy exhibition in Iran.

A Turkish journey of art and poetry in Iran

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The Calligraphy exhibition in Tehran has stamped its mark with Turkish poetry. The calligraphic works, combined with modern Turkish poetry as well as folk poetry has displayed an outstanding example of a wide range of literature.

Assisted by the Yunus Emre Cultural Centre, the exhbition also carries the distinction of being the first calligraphic exhibition in Iran. Artist, Nadir Unsur explained:
"I have been doing Islamic calligraphy for the past 35 years. 5 years ago I visited Istanbul for the first time. The Turkish culture and art left a huge impression on me. In particular, the Islamic Calligraphy there really caught my attention. I thought that I could work on Istanbul calligraphy. I started researching 1.5 years ago and then met with the teachers at the Yunus Emre Cultural Centre and collected poems by Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi and other poets. I started working with these".

With unique calligraphy pieces and specially selected poems, a journey of Turkish discovery awaits the visitors at the exhibition. The works include those of Necip Fazil Kisakurek and Sezai Karakoc, as well as those from Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi and Sadi.


The works written on sheet paper as well as those who are written on wood have impressed many of the visitors - the calligraphy in particular attracted alot of interest from the Iranian visitors.


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