Demonstration to support Palestinians held outside UN

Demonstrators call for end to Israeli occupation, independent investigation into Gaza killings

Demonstration to support Palestinians held outside UN

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Hundreds gathered on Saturday for a peaceful demonstration outside the United Nations office in Geneva in solidarity with Palestinians who suffered Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

The demonstration was organized by non-governmental organizations International Alliance for Human Rights and Development (IAHRD) and Association des Victimes de Torture en Tunisie (AVTT) and supported by more than 20 nonprofits including Cojep International in Switzerland.

The demonstrators condemned the massacres and called on the UN and other international organizations to act against Israel and criticized the countries that have remained silent over the human rights violations. They carried placards saying "Free Palestine" and "Terrorist Israel".

The protesters also called for an end to Israeli occupation and an independent investigation into Gaza killings.

The number of Palestinians martyred by Israeli gunfire during Monday’s protests on Gaza Strip’s eastern border rose to 65 on Saturday.

Monday’s demonstration coincided with Israel’s 70th anniversary -- an event Palestinians refer to as Nabka or “the Catastrophe” -- and the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Since the Gaza rallies began on March 30, more than 110 Palestinian demonstrators have been martyred by cross-border Israeli army gunfire.

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